It's Time We Started Telling Unfiltered Stories

Many of us pay careful attention to the way we represent ourselves online. We only post the most perfectly-filtered Instagrams, the wittiest Tweets. We carefully select the emoji we use when chatting with our latest Bumble match, and agonize over the appropriate number of exclamation points for a business email, looking for the magic number that says “enthusiastic,” without tipping into “juvenile,” or “unprofessional.”

But as we practice restraint with strangers and acquaintances, are we inadvertently reshaping the way we communicate with our closest friends?

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Our Jewish Wedding

A piece about planning a wedding carefully calibrated to satisfy myself, my fiancé, my Conservative Jewish feminist mother, my steadfastly egalitarian, Reform-leaning father, and my halachically-minded Modern Orthodox in-laws. 

Spoiler alert: it wasn't easy.

(The Forward's Sisterhood Blog)

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